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About This Site

Irving Snow and Message Center Management (MCM) are preparing to submit an application to build a 161 foot cell tower on his property at 550 Sport Hill Road in Easton. This structure will dramatically and irrevocably alter the beauty and character of Easton. Every individual who drives up Sport Hill Road will see this cell tower. Every potential homeowner has to decide if they would like to live in a town whose beauty is marred by an inappropriate blot on the landscape.

A group of Easton citizens has come together and founded a group called “The Sport Hill Coalition Against The Cell Tower.” We are  leading an opposition against any tower on Snow’s Farm and need your support! We have created this site as an information resource so that every Easton citizen can stay up to date. The site will also serve as a tool for citizens who want to join our effort and take action.

To be clear our group is NOT against enhancing cell coverage in our town. We do understand that many people in Easton DO want better coverage. We are simply against the placement of an ugly tower on Snow’s Farms as it will destroy visual integrity of our town. The proposed cell tower will service primarily the area around Sport Hill Road and even its proponents acknowledge more towers will need to be built to provide adequate coverage elsewhere.  The cell tower proposed for Snow’s Farm will be an eyesore seen by each Easton resident driving up or down Sport Hill Road, visiting the General Store or Silverman’s Farm. Its shadow will loom over the children playing with the animals at the Silverman’s petting zoo. Its presence will be noticed by every visitor who comes to the Carnival, pumpkin patch or Christmas Tree picking. We cannot allow this tower to be built!

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